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Homepage Search Register. Age Range Doesn’t Matter Status Doesn’t Matter Offline Online. Hi, I’m Poyraz. I live in Elaziğ Kovancilar district. My height 1. Hi, I’m Sedat, I’m a 38-year-old single, retired civil servant in the public institution, I’m handsome, drink, smoke, gambling, etc. in short, I don’t have any bad habits, I am respectful, honest, I don’t like lies, I am not angry, I never speak heartbreaking words and I do not make the slightest trip .. Slm I from malatya I am actually akcadagliy: age 32 height weight 92 I have not married before and have not married halal suckled, I am looking for a wife ready for marriage I do not care about beauty I do not give importance to the beauty of temperament, it is enough to leave a call or send a message is enough whatsapp is open enough, stop loneliness, it is a lover let me let her voice smile look and you miss them all one by one want something like this endlesshayalkenanmahan44 gmail.

Hi, I’m from malatya, perfect age 32 height weight 92, I haven’t married in April before. I am looking for a serious honest wife who has not married before, has sucked halal milk and is ready for marriage. I do not leave a call or send a message. Hi, I’m Kemal from Malatya, age 33, weight, 92, I am a high school graduate, I have a home, I am a textile machine and I want to get married.

Consulting and meeting with serious female friends in Elazig. I have no habit of playing games, I wanted to try my luck like this. I exist, let’s live, of course, if it fits you, I will have everything with you. I don’t have any obsessions like age, I expect an immediate response. Hi, age35, ladies who want to meet you, please contact wild-lovve hotmail. Hi, I want to meet and marry a man who thinks about marriage, who is serious from the brunette Elazığ, I am closed, you will not hesitate in any way about love and trust, I trust myself.

In addition to having a wide circle of friends, you can also use it to have a good time instead of increasing your number of friends. You determine the interests you want, youlike takes care of the rest.

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