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Hello girls I’m also going through this so I think that men are not women who always worked should adapt to this situation because they get used to being comfortable there, my friend to get out of this situation gets tense, especially men who have the role of taking over the head of the house, No problem, my boyfriend is unemployed and every day I fight with him on this matter, I will not be paying someone else’s mother…. Damn it irritates me this subject of unemployed man 🙁

Of course, you will not like what I will say, but comfort if the guy sits and waits for the world to end, but if he proposes to do something (in this case, take care of the housework) I don’t see any problem. Unless his salary alone is not enough to support the house and he doesn’t really TRY anything.

Wise words my friend. Look, I’m currently unemployed and in a dilemma. I have been looking for a job and posted a resume there, but the market is increasingly competitive. Even with a good resume and speaking more than one language. I have dedicated my life to taking care of the housework so that it doesn’t feel so useless, but it is not enough. We are not known without a good job, without money. Whoever has his job keeps it. As simple as it may be. Value, because you are only worth what you have. As much as the person says that he loves you and that he will be with you under any circumstances, this is a lie, it only happens when cc is in the best phase of his life. This reality of mine is sad. Do what?? Just fight to get a decent job and get around the situation.

I agree Caren with you. I am going through this phase in my relationship and I did not find any where they say that men start to get unaccustomed to this situation. In my case, my boyfriend has been unemployed for several months and now he started taking a course and told me that he does not intend to get a job now, because it would be incompatible with the course schedule. but do you know why? Because in the 06 months in which I am unemployed, I was not even silly, I was understanding, I went out and paid bills and most of the time I made him happy, that is, I stayed at home, watching TV and surrendering to his whims … now I decided I don’t want this anymore… feel sorry for him and I’ll stay. Unfortunately without money, there is no love either … love cannot resist the lack of money … no way.

I super agree with you. And this thing about women paying the bill, it doesn’t happen, not with me. I have been dating for 9 months, and he has been unemployed since the beginning of the relationship. I have always been extremely understanding and supportive as soon as he got a job. He paid for everything on credit cards, which his mother made available to him, for 3 months here, she cut them all off, left only one, with few limits. I pay my share of the snacks, and I’ve already talked to him very seriously. That this situation is getting tense, because dating a man who depends on his parents, doesn’t bring any security to the woman and not to mention that it’s too boring. He smp says he’s looking for a job but can’t find it, and I’m still understanding, I just don’t know how long I’ll be…

Let him go! Stop screwing with the guy. He’s in the worst. The last thing he needs is a sermon. If you want to help him, refer him to whom you know for a job vacancy. You think it all comes down to money, right? That’s it. What a shame!

I could tell. Women are all the same, just think about money. As Luis Felipe Ponde says, women do not support poor men, but men do not see any problem in wrapping a poor thing. Those are the facts. Although I would like it to be different because the bare reality is ugly and weak.

funny that there are many articles guiding women to “not hurt the boyfriend’s ego without money”, but few talk about the guys who end up settling in this one. and look, it’s much more common than you think, several friends suffer with loose faces…

Sure girls, my boyfriend is unemployed, finished college and does some private jobs like fixing computers and paying him ,,,, but I notice he needs a job