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He said “not today” both times, showing that he wanted to slow down. I don’t think any of them left thinking that I have more value because of that. One gave me a loss, as I mentioned in the previous item, and, with the other, I have exchanged some messages from time to time, but nothing very exciting. It was only two, but at first it made no difference. How nice.

Nudes are banned by Italo, because the “man’s head” works on the basis of the imagination. So, the idea is to make him think of you, and not send the kissed image.

The joke is called “imagine if we were …”. I proposed to a flirt that I have had for a while. I started: “Imagine if we were drinking. What drink would it be?” He replied, “Gin tonic”. Liked it. I asked the same question so that he could imagine other situations: being on the beach, at the club, listening to music … The last question has to be: “What if we were alone?”, To encourage the conversation to warm up. On the other side, came: “We would be pinning ourselves”. I confess that, at the beginning, I found the game amusing, but, unfortunately, it didn’t work. The conversation continued with him making jokes. I gave up. Help, Italo!

This one I used in the days of ICQ, in the 1990s, and I saw that it also works on Whatsapp. It consists of sending a message to the person you want to attract attention, but pretending it was for someone else.

Italo, however, gives the cat a jump: you have to say that you are getting out of the bath and that you are going to get ready. Three minutes later, you have to send another one: “Sorry, wrong conversation / person”. According to the coach, it is a “trigger of good” and will make the guy imagine you naked, but, on the other hand, he will think that you are getting ready for another man, stimulating competitiveness, which would be a motivator.

I sent it to two. “Hahaha. Relax,” replied one, and the conversation died. With the other, it worked. He said he had sent it to the wrong person, he chatted for a day and, the second day, he asked me if the meeting with the “right guy” had been legal, and at no time did he say he would have a date or anything like that. “I woke up with this in my head,” he told me. I changed the subject and we continued the conversation, without giving any satisfaction, as Italo ordered. I can’t say if it worked, since we haven’t scored anything yet, but, merits to the coach: this is still better than the classic “hi, gone”.

In the middle of the meeting, while the man talks to you, make the triangle rule. Fix your gaze on his left eye briefly, then on his right and then on his mouth, where he will look for two seconds.

According to my editor, this is older than moving forward. But it works: I tested it. Those two seconds looking at the person’s mouth, while they speak, make sparks fly. Also old, the tip to say that you dreamed of the guy is also on the list of Italo – I did not use this experiment without scientific value, but both you and I know that it piques curiosity on the other side of the screen.