In today’s world, with so much feminism surrounding the society, with so much ‘women empowerment’, all of which is something good, it has created an inherent disliking for men, especially those looking for women to date and/or spend some time with. Many times it’s hard for men to find women who match up with their personality and go together with them. It’s hard for you to just go down the street and magically find the perfect woman, it just doesn’t happen; in such a scenario you need to resort to other means, such as this, in which you can find the woman you share commonalities with, and/or a woman you feel you get attracted to. Essentially, this is an amazing deal for men when they’ve lost faith in other, more indirect, forms of socialization.
I myself just went through a bad breakup, I know how hard it is to deal with the emotional pain attached to it, along with the feeling you get afterwards, the feeling that you are now alone and have no one. In that situation, at the point in life, men need to resort to this means to get over the break up, to get over the saddest moments in their life. It could be a morale booster, a confidence builder, all of which could end up changing your life in the long run, when you meet somebody you automatically ‘click’ with, after another significant person has left your life.

The idea itself might seem far-fetched to you, the idea of finding a woman through some sort of a catalogue where people sign up, and then getting to know each other before ever meeting in real life, but really, when you think about it rationally, it’s not that far-fetched. What is a college? It’s when people, of similar ages and taking similar courses, come together and socialize together. This isn’t very different, when people of similar ages, with common interests, come together with a specific aim, and meet each other, and decide whether they want to pursue a relationship or not. This is very helpful for men and women as they wouldn’t have to waste time looking through other means, which don’t always guarantee success, and they can simply use this to achieve what they’ve been looking for.

So summed up, you need to put aside the associated awkwardness with this method, as there is none, and you need to think about it rationally, about how it would help you, about how important it would be to bring you back ‘in the game’. Moreover, this might very well end up getting you the love of your life, so don’t be afraid of the perceived awkwardness, take this step to improve your life. You know you want to do it, it makes things ten times easier when you can choose between the women you want and have a greater chance of ending up with the perfect woman. So go ahead, do it!