Today in western countries, the trend is that the rate of singles, it can be male or female is gradually increasing. The total number of singles men and women in western countries is close to the total number of men and women who are married. The number of singles is growing as the population does the same.
There are thousands of places where single people meet to establish contacts between each other, but if you are a single man or woman, you should consider what is the popular place to meet someone like you without facing any safety issues. Please find below some of the famous places which create different type of relationship between singles. These places are working places, educational institutes, bars or restaurants, internet chatrooms, place of a gym or Yoga, worship places, and weddings and receptions.

Working places:

Working place is one of the best place to meet new people. While working, you can meet plenty of people. Employees who associate with each other on establishing an intimate relationship. However, be careful with your company rules for this sort of behavior in order to protect your job. You can meet many nice people and establish talks as they are working there like you. Whenever you established contacts and finding different categories of singles in other working places, it will not endanger your existing job.

Educational Institutes:

This might be a better place where single people can meet according to their age limit. Because, in most of the time, classes and courses are conducted for same age people. Another good point of this place is that there will be no major risk by establishing contacts with another single as mostly you can find the averagely same status of singles.

Bars or Restaurants:

You may meet different types of people who come to the bar or restaurants to enjoy drinking, eating and establishing new friendships as well. Whenever, you continue to visit to such Bar, you can find out a more appropriate person to establish contacts.

Online Chat-rooms:

This is the most modern facility where singles can meet. However, it has some risk factor on it as a person who establishes contact at the other end is not known to you as you are not meeting them live. This risk is somehow dropped off after the induction of webcam and Skype facilities.

Gym / Yoga Class

You can establish contacts with the trainer or trainees like you in the Gym or Yoga classes. As you have to go often, there is a chance to maintain the contacts that you have already established.

Worship places:

There are lots of opportunities to meet single people at worship places. Apart from the religious service, there are lots of ways where people can integrate into each other.

Weddings and receptions:

Wedding and receptions are the happiest place where there are more chances to meet people who can easily get introduced through friends and relatives who are gathered in weddings. You will have some sort of assurance on the contacts that you have established as you may have a lot of evidences confirming your relationship.