Be honest, there are times when we feel lonely, or we’ve just moved to a new place where we need to interact with people but are unaware of the places where we’ll find people. Or at times we want new people in our life due to any possible reason. It’s a natural phenomenon as man is a social animal.

We all as a human being need to have people around us sometime we need only one person who is close to our heart and we can share out our heart sadness, happiness, sorrows and blessings.

The foremost area to look out for meeting people is your own institute , firm or office depending on what status you are on. You are at benefit of finding people here and get along well as this is the place where you will be coming every day and would also be able to develop a good understanding. Try to be friendly, open minded and develop a positive frame of mind and approach.

If you have a skill such as playing a musical instrument or a particular sport then this might open doors to meeting people too. You’re going to find people of your same interests and you’re sure to have a great time.

Coffee shops, bars, food courts in shopping malls are ideal places to interact with people. Grab a place near the main door and do not bring anything which will make you look occupied, for example an iPod, laptop etc. You need to seem approachable and not be given a busy bee vibe. Pass a warm smile to people who are entering or you could even greet them. But when doing so, be ready for chances of getting a star or a smirk. It’s normal, do not get put off but rather look forward to more.

Libraries, Laundromats, bookstores, bus stops and grocery stores all fall in the category of public places where you can find people of all ages and interests. Again, do not lose hope if you do not find the right person. Just be on the lookout, you can find anybody, anywhere and at anytime.

If you have interests or hobbies like reading, writing, drawing, archaeology, then join nearby local groups. There you will find people of similar interest. Another great place to meet new people is by joining organizations in your area.

You could even take up a job in a bar or coffee shop or even a restaurant. This way not only will you be able to make money but also meet new people. The idea is basically to choose a place where people hang out and stay to talk to each other.

Attend social gatherings in your neighborhood and invitations from friends and family. There not only will you get a chance to meet your friends, but also interact with friends of friends.

Social networking sites are probably the best way of meeting new people in this decade. You are at benefit of finding people of the same interest easily.